Utter, utter kitchen failure (s) and Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread Repost

Utter, utter kitchen failure (s)

Lately I cannot make anything without there being some element of epic fail involved.  I had several recipes I wanted to blog but I could not conjure any yummy confection without catastrophic consequences.

Looking to Pinterest for inspirational blogs of people who CAN make something, anything, without epic failing I decided to look for a recipe to use my my half and half and some awfully lumpy buttermilk.  Thus, this post is dedicated to the below repost:

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread by Matkonation

Maktonation pull-apart-bread2_1

You need to read the instructions on this recipe.  Because I totally missed the part about the flour incorporated in different steps.  Don’t do this, read the recipe.

I also ended up with more dough than space in my bread dish so I used a small oven proof dish to make a super mini-loaf; you could adapt this recipe for a dinner party and everyone would have their own mini-loaf you could serve with fruit and fresh whipped cream.

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread Rising

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread

All said and done, this recipe is a cinnamon roll in a pull apart loaf.  But I liked that and will make this again; especially the little personal pull apart loaf.

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