Battle of the Bread Pudding – Low Fat Buttermilk vs. Pioneer Woman’s Full Cal Version

Battle of the Bread Pudding – Low Fat Buttermilk vs. Pioneer Woman’s Full Cal Version

I was not a fan of bread pudding, until, and I know this is random, I had some at the dining facility on Camp Ramadi, Iraq.  All other bread puddings I’d crossed paths with had raisins in them, was made with plain, old sandwich bread and the texture looked icky.  This bread pudding was made from leftover breakfast biscuits and smelled and looked heavenly.  I vowed I would one day make bread pudding and when I had leftover buttermilk from the Battle of the Cooking Light Walnut Streusel Quick Bread and Krusteaz Cinnamon Coffee Cake I decided that day had come.

I managed to find a low fat bread pudding recipe using buttermilk and knew I needed to find a full fat counter-recipe so I turned to Ree Drummond, better known as The Pioneer Woman.  Now I like watching her shows; her kids are every parent’s dream, her husband seems like a really nice guy and the scenery is rather pleasing to the eye.  But when your family works all day on a ranch, you can make full-fat, high-cal recipes.  For desk rangers like me, I need a lower cal option.

I found this Low Fat Buttermilk Bread Pudding , left in the picture, recipe on  I cut the recipe in half and used a soft french baguette instead of buttermilk sliced bread.  I cut the bread in cubes and let it sit overnight because I was afraid it was too soft and I wanted the pudding to have some structure.  It baked nicely and came out with lots of texture, so if you like your bread pudding very custardy, the Pioneer Woman recipe will be more to your liking.  I already had some pureed strawberry sauce I made for other recipes so I used that.  I sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top for a little extra flavor.

Pioneer Woman felt the same way I did, bread pudding YUCK.  But she found a recipe, right in the picture, that changed her mind.  I don’t agree with her choice of bread pudding, but the accompanying Whiskey Sauce is life changing.  She uses sourdough bread, which I really don’t like, so I kind of figured I might not like the pudding but with all the milk and sugar (which I cut by one cup) I thought it might cancel out the sour bread taste.  Not so much so I definitely won’t be making the bread pudding again.  But let’s take a moment to talk about the whiskey sauce.  Holy cow, it’s like a Butterscotch Lifesaver infused with Jack Daniels Whiskey.  What’s not to like about butter, sugar, cream and whiskey?  As she says in her blog, this sauce can be used on many different sweet treats.

So I declare the Low Fat Buttermilk Bread Pudding the winner, and it doesn’t hurt that I’m saving 100 calories, but I am going to dip a big hunk of it in the Whiskey Sauce after dinner tonight.


Thanks to My Fitness Pal for nutritional info…

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